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Coventry Cathedral

24 May-30 June 2017

  • Thank you for telling this story. It’s important to tell and keep on telling. As someone who grew up 15 miles from here it’s not the full story I was told. Mine has gaps. This helps to fill them.

  • powerful exhibition, many thanks

  • It is a very moving exhibition as the story need to be told for people like me who was not fully aware of it.

  • I knew nothing or almost nothing about these historical events. Powerful and Beautiful

  • Excellent topic and beautiful exhibition of horrible events, especially in times like today

  • Excellent exhibition – very moving way to tell the history of such an upsetting and difficult period.

  • Fantastic exhibition. I am 55 and I grew up with this conflict in living memory. I hope history never repeats itself to this extent.

  • Very good and thought-provoking showing the necessity of reconciliation throughout art and life.

  • Very impressive!

  • A very thought provoking and interesting exhibition, representing a story about the Troubles which must be told – and must be heard by many who live in England.

  • It has been so moving and uplifting to see the exhibition – Thank you for showing it in this particular cathedral which witnesses to the power of telling the story as a way of paving the way for a different future. I gained much insight – about Northern Ireland, Palestine/Israel and South Africa’s struggles.

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