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Left Bank Leeds

6-15 November 2018

Visitors' responses


  • A powerful and poignant exhibition. Thought provoking and inspiring as we work with survivors of violence today.

  • It was inspiring!

  • So much information that has not been reported or covered in the media. Didn’t know what ‘Free Derry’ was. Very informative project.

  • Beautifully designed, inspiring and thought provoking.

  • Everyone should see this and take away all the info and images. Powerful stuff.

  • Moved beyond measure. Thought provoking and very well put together.

  • Very moved by the exhibition. I found it informative and emotional at the same time. Something I knew little about before. Thank you.

  • Thank you - really interesting and powerful. So important to learn about these things and remember.

  • So interesting to read more about the contexts that have shaped our country today and still shaping the UK’s and Ireland’s politics today. Very important history and current affairs.

  • An excellent collection, truly hard hitting, emotive, and punches your insides in a good way.

  • Fascinating exhibition in a beautifully fitting space. Worth the trip from Manchester.

  • Very moving. Especially following Remembrance events.

  • Great works, our kids should all see these. Thank you.

  • Great to see these murals on show in Leeds, a celebration of the heroic spirit of the people of Derry, and of the Bogside. Tiocfaidh ár lá (Our day will come).

  • Brilliant, very eye opening.

  • A powerful exhibition telling the story of Derry. There are many powerful stories to be told and is it one that should never have happened. A community torn apart and have the scars to show for it. I often think of Bloody Friday 1972 too when 22 bombs went off in the Belfast City Centre discriminately over 1 and a half hours killing 9 people and injuring 130 civilians - nothing can justify this, the IRA apologised afterwards but these stories are only part of the heartache and hopefully will never happen again. The people of NI could have a lifetime of stories, exhibitions and memories for other to see, hear and witness, only in the hope it never happens again.

  • Having seen the murals before and heard the mural artists discuss them I nearly didn’t bother but great to see them in larger space with accompanying photos. A very powerful exhibition. Thank you.

  • Fantastic to see this. Really moved by something that is often forgotten. A credit to the organisers, artists and this truly amazing space.

  • Very much appreciated this opportunity to understand the challenges faced by those living and working in the Bogside.

  • Very interesting and informative.

  • Very interesting exhibition - I wished it lasted longer! Very instructive for someone coming from outside the UK (Italy).

  • An absolutely magnificent exhibition! Extremely thought provoking and well-put together. The use of documentaries was fabulous and the layout of the murals 1-12 made it very easy to navigate. 10/10.

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