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Left Bank Leeds

6-15 November 2018

  • A powerful and poignant exhibition. Thought provoking and inspiring as we work with survivors of violence today.

  • It was inspiring!

  • So much information that has not been reported or covered in the media. Didn’t know what ‘Free Derry’ was. Very informative project.

  • Beautifully designed, inspiring and thought provoking.

  • Everyone should see this and take away all the info and images. Powerful stuff.

  • Moved beyond measure. Thought provoking and very well put together.

  • Very moved by the exhibition. I found it informative and emotional at the same time. Something I knew little about before. Thank you.

  • Thank you - really interesting and powerful. So important to learn about these things and remember.

  • So interesting to read more about the contexts that have shaped our country today and still shaping the UK’s and Ireland’s politics today. Very important history and current affairs.

  • An excellent collection, truly hard hitting, emotive, and punches your insides in a good way.

  • Fascinating exhibition in a beautifully fitting space. Worth the trip from Manchester.

  • Very moving. Especially following Remembrance events.

  • Great works, our kids should all see these. Thank you.

  • Great to see these murals on show in Leeds, a celebration of the heroic spirit of the people of Derry, and of the Bogside. Tiocfaidh ár lá (Our day will come).

  • Brilliant, very eye opening.

  • A powerful exhibition telling the story of Derry. There are many powerful stories to be told and is it one that should never have happened. A community torn apart and have the scars to show for it. I often think of Bloody Friday 1972 too when 22 bombs went off in the Belfast City Centre discriminately over 1 and a half hours killing 9 people and injuring 130 civilians - nothing can justify this, the IRA apologised afterwards but these stories are only part of the heartache and hopefully will never happen again. The people of NI could have a lifetime of stories, exhibitions and memories for other to see, hear and witness, only in the hope it never happens again.

  • Having seen the murals before and heard the mural artists discuss them I nearly didn’t bother but great to see them in larger space with accompanying photos. A very powerful exhibition. Thank you.

  • Fantastic to see this. Really moved by something that is often forgotten. A credit to the organisers, artists and this truly amazing space.

  • Very much appreciated this opportunity to understand the challenges faced by those living and working in the Bogside.

  • Very interesting and informative.

  • Very interesting exhibition - I wished it lasted longer! Very instructive for someone coming from outside the UK (Italy).

  • An absolutely magnificent exhibition! Extremely thought provoking and well-put together. The use of documentaries was fabulous and the layout of the murals 1-12 made it very easy to navigate. 10/10.


Norwich Cathedral

3-25 November 2017

  • Truly stunning exhibition

  • Very powerful

  • Wonderful exhibition!

  • Visiting from Ireland – really impressed at the honest portrayal of the conflict, well done.

  • A very moving tribute to the troubled times through which people lived at the time

  • Good to see this exhibition travelling on mainland

  • Moving – outstanding – important

  • Faith under Fire – I was inspired at ordinary people struggling to rise above sectarianism – people of courage and hope.

  • Absolutely brilliant exhibition. Powerful photos well mounted vividly recalling that dreadful time

  • Wonderful exhibition which every schoolchild should see and understand

  • Speechless

  • Brilliant – very moving

  • A most informative and well-arranged exhibition – one of the best we’ve had in the cathedral.

  • Extremely moving – brings back memories of all the harrowing TV coverage we saw then.

  • Excellent murals and very informative

  • I thought this exhibition was deeply moving

  • Moving and very thought provoking

  • Really glad we made the journey to see this stunning exhibition – so thought provoking and informative

  • Peace and reconciliation achieved against all the odds … All the murals are of the highest quality.

  • Powerful story telling through art.

  • My heart was breaking as I walked the exhibition, and tears flowed, for all the loss on all sides.

  • I can hardly believe I lived through all this (in London). Will now research some books about living through this dreadful time

  • An amazing exhibition especially the video. I thought I knew what was going on at the time, and my brother was in the forces there in the early days before the deterioration. However, this exhibition has thrown new light on this period.

  • I was born in Derry, my granny owned a pub in the Bogside and I saw a great deal of the ‘Troubles’. … Great exhibition. I brought my granddaughter (13) to see it.

  • An absolutely fascinating exhibition. Before this I had not even known about the Troubles previously but this exhibition was delightful and very interesting. Thank you!

  • Very powerful, very important!

  • An extremely powerful exhibition

  • Very thought provoking. It is important to know the Troubles started not with religious conflict but with a civil rights movement. Thank you.

  • A remarkable, moving and socially significant piece of community art and remembrance.


In addition a handful of people wrote that they felt ‘offended’ and ‘disgusted’ by the exhibition, saying that it was ‘wholly inappropriate for this cathedral setting’ and ‘the house of God.’

Coventry Cathedral

24 May-30 June 2017

  • Thank you for telling this story. It’s important to tell and keep on telling. As someone who grew up 15 miles from here it’s not the full story I was told. Mine has gaps. This helps to fill them.

  • powerful exhibition, many thanks

  • It is a very moving exhibition as the story need to be told for people like me who was not fully aware of it.

  • I knew nothing or almost nothing about these historical events. Powerful and Beautiful

  • Excellent topic and beautiful exhibition of horrible events, especially in times like today

  • Excellent exhibition – very moving way to tell the history of such an upsetting and difficult period.

  • Fantastic exhibition. I am 55 and I grew up with this conflict in living memory. I hope history never repeats itself to this extent.

  • Very good and thought-provoking showing the necessity of reconciliation throughout art and life.

  • Very impressive!

  • A very thought provoking and interesting exhibition, representing a story about the Troubles which must be told – and must be heard by many who live in England.

  • It has been so moving and uplifting to see the exhibition – Thank you for showing it in this particular cathedral which witnesses to the power of telling the story as a way of paving the way for a different future. I gained much insight – about Northern Ireland, Palestine/Israel and South Africa’s struggles.

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